Sunday, July 14, 2013

Still alive...

So here it goes, writing in my blog is always a bit like talking to myself ;)

In the last weeks I had a lot of schoolwork to do but I got some knitting and spinning done, too.
Here are those things:

I made Knubbelchen. The first three are already gone as gifts to a friend and two of my somewhat teachers this year. They are good for mindless knitting on the train to or from school...


Those two are waiting to be finished but I don't like to put the faces on them because I never like the mouth...
They are going to be presents for colleagues of my mom and a third one needs to be done for another one...

 This is going to be a Nuvem, I only got 90 gramms of yarn left and hope that it will be done soon...
I already love it and want to wear it. The yarn was spun by me.

 These are going to be socks, I love the pattern (
 That hat was finished in the first heatwave this year and cast on as I realised I needed a hat in the winter...
Some spinning was done

This is the second spindel with yarn for a Revontuli, it is going to take ages till i finish this spinning project ;)

This is going to be another nuvem. This time for my mother 
I Starded spinning the yarn and as I finish the first nuvem this should be cast on :)
And here is on the right side somthing I don't know what it is going to be someday and on the left the first 34 gramms for the Revontuli.

 So this is it for the moment,  I hope someone reads this and I am not completly talking to myself..
Have a nice Sunday