Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today  we made cookies, first for christmas with my mom.
After that my friend Nise visited and we tried to make some fortune cookies, let's say they got better...
but still we have to practice a bit more^^


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So, from now on I am trying to write my own blog.
I want to post knitting and stitching projects and find maybe some people who are more addicted to knitting than myself and can offer good advice!
Most people at the age of 19 aren't really interested in needleworks, that's why some tips and talking would be great!

And know a little more about me:
I am 19, still going to school, finishing my Abitur next year.
I have two guinea pigs (Taylor and Sunshine/Sunny) and a cat (Lucky).
I am still living with my parents.

At the moment I am knitting Harry Potter house scarfs (don't miss the s).
Two are already finished but there are going to follow more!
As I started the first one my friends saw it and they wanted some so there I am knitting scarfs and scarfs.....
but it was my decision. And at the moment I am still having fun! :)

A picture of the first scarf (not a perfect photo...):

That's the end for now,
but as a last note English isn't my mother tongue...
all mistakes are mine! :)